by: David F. Ashton Dr. Chloe Shanley accepts a Mimosa from Sellwood neighbor Michelle Eraut during this unauthorized stop on the Bridge Pedal ride, opposite Sellwood Park.

Only a portion of the 2011 Providence Bridge Pedal's 19,000 total riders actually made it to the Sellwood Bridge this year - during the 'Ten Bridge Ride' on August 14.

'It's a novelty to be able to ride with other bicyclists on all of Portland's major bridges - especially the Fremont Bridge,' said Brad Collins, who'd stopped to help his friend slip the drive chain on her derailleur. 'But the real fun is seeing how the riders dress up in costumes, and looking at the variety of bikes they ride.'

Indeed, on both the Sellwood and Ross Island Bridges, we saw bikes built high and low - both foot and hand cranked vehicles, and even big-wheel unicycles - zooming past.

But, many of those took the 'long ride' did a double-take when they saw an unauthorized, and uniquely Sellwood, amenity as they rode along the top of the Oaks Bottom bluff on S.E. Sellwood Boulevard.

'It's a 'Mimosa station',' explained Michelle Eraut, as she handed another champagne-and-orange- juice cocktail to a delighted rider.

'It just came to us spontaneously,' Eraut said, 'about two minutes ago. Our neighbors invited us over for Sunday brunch. We saw the Bridge Pedal folks going by, and decided to offer those who wanted it a small sample. This is definitely an unscheduled, unsanctioned stop in this event. But, many people seem to enjoy it!'

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