Measure 26-30

Title: Amends Charter: Changes Form of City Government

Question: Shall Portland be governed by nine-member council (seven elected by district) and managed by a mayor with veto authority?

Tribune analysis: Changes the city's form of government, which currently consists of a mayor and four City Council members, all of whom supervise city agencies and vote on policies. If approved, the new government would place all agencies under the mayor, who could not vote on policies but could veto them. Council would be increased to nine members, seven of whom would be elected from geographic districts. Two would be elected at large.

History: Measure 26-30 was placed on the ballot through an initiative petition drive headed by Robert Ball, a local real estate developer and reserve police officer.

Major supporters: Mayor Vera Katz, state Senate Democratic leader Kate Brown, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 189, Portland Fire Fighters Association, National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 82, Service Employees International Union Local 49, Acorn, the Rainbow Coalition

Major opponents: Democratic Congressman Earl Blumenauer, city Commissioner Charlie Hales, former Mayor Bud Clark, former city Commissioner Mike Lindberg, former City Auditor Jewel Lansing, Portland Development Commissioner John Russell

Ñ Jim Redden

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