by: David F. Ashton This man, 18 year-old Andre Pederson, was taken into custody after brandishing what turned out to be a pellet gun in a Woodstock confrontation.

One after another, Portland Police Bureau (PPB) district cars sped into the east end of the Woodstock neighborhood late in the evening of Friday, August 19.

'Officers were responding to the call of a disturbance near the intersection of S.E. Woodstock Boulevard and S.E. 52nd Avenue,' reported PPB Public Information Officer Lt. Robert King.

Reportedly, a 60-year-old man area was driving through the intersection when he saw a young man and woman fighting. 'He got out of his vehicle and confronted the young man. 18-year-old Andre Pederson then allegedly pulled a gun and threatened him,' King said.

Not surprisingly, menacing language - and the flash of a gun - was enough to make the would-be Good Samaritan drive off and call 9-1-1 to report the incident.

With about a dozen officers combing the area, it didn't take long for them to locate Pederson, and take him into custody on S.E. 52nd Avenue between S.E. Tolman and S.E. Duke Streets.

'As it turned out, Pederson had a pellet gun,' King said. 'He was arrested for Unlawful Use of Weapon and Disorderly Conduct.'

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