Slow down, its just a race


It's not exactly what you need if you're running for judge and the election is just around the corner. É Court records show that local attorney Al Bannon, who's running for a seat on the Multnomah Circuit Court, has just pleaded guilty to careless driving Ñ and that's after charges were reduced from hit-and-run. É The police report says Bannon was attempting to parallel park his BMW on Southwest Salmon when he got into a heated argument with the driver of the Corvette behind him. É Two witnesses told police that both drivers got out of their cars and yelled at each other. Bannon then got back into his car, backed into the Corvette and drove off. É When questioned by the police, Bannon denied hitting the Corvette. He was arrested and released on $2,500 bail. É Copping a plea last week to the lesser charge of careless driving, Bannon agreed to pay $545 in damages plus a $500 fine.

• • •

The May issue of W Magazine has a gushy piece on what it sees as the new, hip Portland Ñ ending with this quote from local furniture designer Tom Ghilarducci: 'I mean, we have a lesbian mayor, the last mayor was a bartender, and the governor goes everywhere in jeans and cowboy boots. Where else are you going to find that?' É 'That was a big surprise to read that,' says Mayor Vera Katz, who has never met Ghilarducci or, for that matter, the author of the article. 'And it will be a big surprise to my ex-husband and son.' É Sandwich of the day, says Dave Rogoway of the LaRog's jewelry empire, has got to be the chicken, guacamole and salsa number, done Cuban style at the new Pico Del Gallo on Southwest Park. A very good lunch deal at $5, says Diamond Dave. ... Maybe now that their son is playing for Detroit, John and Valerie Harrington will break down and get cable TV Ñ or maybe even a satellite dish. No kidding. É Remember all those television shots of the Harrington clan watching the NFL draft on ESPN? They were taken at a relative's house in Laurelhurst.

• • •

In case it's any comfort to the Oregon Center for Public Policy, whose name showed up one 'L' short in this year's Voters' Pamphlet, Dick Bogle says it reminds him of the Good Old Days when he was P-town's commissioner of public works. 'The Oregonian did it twice to me.' É Of course, we here at this newspaper could never make such an error Ñ although I will admit to getting the names of the prize-winning beers of the Rogue and Deschutes breweries backward in the last column. É C'mon, Stanford, get it right. Mirror Pond is brewed by Deschutes and Shakespearean Stout by Rogue.

• • •

Local food-o-philes are giggling over what appears to be an escalating tiff between Bruce Carey, owner of the chic Bluehour restaurant in the Pearl, and the staff gastronome Ñ let's call him Mr. X, for short Ñ for one of the city's larger dailies. É It all started, Carey says, when he heard that Mr. X had been dissing him in private conversations Ñ whereupon he 'disinvited' the writer from the Bluehour's anniversary party. ... Which explains, Carey continues, why the newspaper's latest dining guide trashes Bluehour because their 'cooking is unsettled,' whatever that means. É Meanwhile, the restaurant continues to pile up national accolades from the likes of Gourmet magazine, Travel and Leisure and W Magazine, which is hitting the streets this week. So there.

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