by: David F. Ashton CMC board member, and professional cellist, Adrienne Welsh, volunteers to help Duniway School student Sylvan Talavera bow the instrument.

This year's Community Music Center (CMC) open house on August 25 had a new focus - hands-on playing playing, and experiencing music.

'We're encouraging young guests to meet some of the15 instructors here, try an instrument, sample a music class, and hear live performances,' said CMC's Assistant Director, Rachel Telesmanick.

She explained that the Community Music Center is a Portland Parks and Recreation facility that works in partnership with an all-volunteer nonprofit foundation, which raises money to subsidize the CMC tuition fees.

'This open house serves as the Center's 'kick off' for the fall registration season,' Telesmanick explained. 'It's important for our outreach to the community, so that folks know that we are here, and learn about all the great classes we offer at a very reasonable cost.'

A popular feature of the open house proved to a stringed instrument 'petting zoo' - in which youngsters were encouraged by CAC students about their own age to play the instruments.

'If you know a child who dreams of learning to play music, call or come by the center and what we offer,' suggested Telesmanick.

The Community Music Center is at 3350 S.E. Francis Street. For more information, see their official website: .

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