The El Grillo is a little hole-in-the wall restaurant at Southwest Ankeny and Broadway that serves quick and spicy Mexican food at reasonable prices: two enchiladas, rice and beans, $5.75. É But if you have to go to the restroom, the door in the back of the place opens onto Mary's Club, located around the corner, where any day of the week after 11 a.m., you can fasten your gaze upon a naked woman dancing in the spotlight. ÉÊOr perhaps look at the murals on the opposite wall Ñ scenes of a seafaring nature, as I recall Ñ painted in an earlier time when Portland was still a port of call, known far and wide for its wild and wicked ways. É My, how things have changed.

* * *

Overheard one morning last week on the No. 12 bus: 'Dude, where you going?' 'To visit a friend.' 'You skipping school?' 'Nah, I told 'em I was sick.' É The panhandlers are out in droves on Northwest 21st, as well as just about everyplace else in P-town. The other day, one of them asked Kevin Mullane for some spare change to buy a cup of coffee. É 'Certainly,' responded the K-Man. 'But why don't you just take this dollar and go buy yourself a nice bottle of fortified wine.' 'Well, OK,' said the guy. É Tickets just went on sale for Paul Krassner's July 12 show at Artichoke Music on Hawthorne. Krassner, comedian, soothsayer and former editor of the former Realist, also will be playing The Old Church while in P-town, but the Artichoke show is definitely the one to catch because its small theater holds just 50 É Actually, make that 48 because I just bought tickets No. 1 and 2.

* * *

'I know where Carolyn Davidson is!' e-mails Angie Dobrowski. Davidson, who sold the original design of the Nike swoosh to Phil Knight for $35 (not even the $135 I reported last week), is living right here in Portland. 'She's retired from graphic design, but we see her at the Ronald McDonald House East, where she volunteers every Thursday.' É Well, that's one mystery solved. Can't have a contest for Portland's Top 10 Contributions to World Civilization if we don't know where the contestants are. É Who says newspapers have a monopoly on bad puns? The Bitter End, the pub across from PGE Park that caters to the soccer crowd, is now offering Timber Jim Logger on tap. É Timber Jim, of course, is the woodsy mascot of the Portland Timbers. Logger beer is É oh, forget it.

* * *

The Bev Stein camp is all a-twitter about a new poll that shows the Democratic gubernatorial candidate closing the gap statewide and actually ahead in Multnomah County by eight points. But the real shocker Ñ although come to think of it, why should anyone even be surprised about it? Ñ is that with women voters in the county, she's leading Ted Kulongoski by 30 points. É Now if Jack Roberts and Ron Saxton can just split the moderate vote on the Republican side, maybe we can still have a showdown between Stein and Kevin Mannix. É Strolling down Hawthorne, you wouldn't guess it now, but once upon a time it was called Asylum Avenue Ñ for the mental hospital once located at about 10th. Last Friday, the OHSU psychiatry department dedicated a library to Dr. James C. Hawthorne, founder of the Oregon Hospital for the Insane, and rang a bell, which was all that survived a fire that destroyed the facility in 1886. É Ding-dong, ding-dong, ding-dong.

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