Metro and its allies continue their juvenile approach to public debate. The public should not allow name-calling, spreading lies and fear mongering to substitute for thoughtful debate on merit.

If Metro and its allies honestly believe the public supports its big plan called '2040,' which targets countless neighborhoods for higher densities, it should be defending that approach. Instead, Metro has presented the public with a ballot measure, 26-29, that blurs the debate so voters will not see clearly what is before them.

Just as the several single-family neighborhoods around Washington Square have been rezoned by Metro's 2040/high-density plan, many others will follow if Metro's 26-29 is passed. Why? Because all neighborhoods Metro has targeted for density are exempt from Measure 26-29 protection.

Measure 26-29 only protects neighborhoods with no plans for density. Metro does not want its plans interrupted by the public voting for the genuine neighborhood protection in Ballot Measure 26-11, the only measure that will indeed protect the many neighborhoods that Metro wants to permanently alter.

Metro would prefer that the public have little awareness of the many failures it has delivered. Critical shortages of industrial land, excess retail, shortages of land for schools and other community needs, transportation in crisis, the absence of workable and scientifically valid environmental protection and fatally flawed Regional Center Plans will only worsen if Metro is not reined in.

Vote for 26-11; it will protect. Vote for Kate Scheile, Craig Flynn and Ray Phelps: They will lead responsibly with honesty and consideration for all of our community needs.

Steve Schopp


China should release

prisoner of conscience

As families around the United States celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday, the members of Amnesty International USA Group 48 in Portland will mark the day by calling on the Chinese government to return one mother to her children.

Rebiya Kadeer is a women's rights advocate and a successful businesswoman from Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China. Kadeer was arrested in August 1999 while on her way to meet with representatives of the U.S. congressional staff to discuss human rights. She was sentenced to eight years in prison for 'providing secret information to foreigners.'

In truth, this so-called 'secret information' consisted only of publicly available newspapers and journals.

In February 2002, more than 90 members of the U.S. Congress called upon President Bush to urge the Chinese government to release Kadeer. We applaud the actions of these members of Congress, and we urge President Bush to continue to push strongly for the release of Kadeer and all prisoners of conscience in China.

Joanne Lau

Amnesty International USA Group 48


Animal shelters need

help, not hate mail

Instead of hate mail and death threats to Multnomah County Animal Control (Shelters in the storm, April 26), why don't animal activists donate money to free spay and neuter programs? They could organize a fund-raiser; they could act as foster parents to aggressive dogs and train them to be good pets. They could be a part of the solution, but no Ñ hate mail is easier and makes them feel superior.

You've read the bumper sticker saying, 'If you're not a part of the solution, you're a part of the problem.' Be a part of the solution.

Kate Mytron

Southeast Portland

Gardenburger has

no beef with rival

Gardenburger should give Quorn some room to breathe as it introduces its meat-free products to Americans (Gardenburger to FDA: Take another look, April 16).

Maybe 'mushroom in origin' is not the most technical way of describing the scientific derivation of the product. This hasn't stopped cow from being labeled beef and pig from being labeled pork.

Quorn is a competitive element of future nonmeat foods that has left Gardenburger's original oat-mushroom compound squishy in the dust. When Boca Burgers (soy protein) were introduced, their popularity gave Gardenburger a pinch in the market share. Gardenburger released 'flame-broiled' soy protein versions to remain competitive.

Quorn (mycoprotein Ñ the fungal originator of mushrooms) is telling Gardenburger and Boca to move over: Now there is something meatier.

Textured vegetable proteins, and now mycoprotein, are substitutes that make fewer demands on the natural resources needed to produce food. They offer lower calories, saturated fat and cholesterol, while containing protein and fiber.

Caleb Winter

North Portland

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