Gresham's Christine Nielson, who posed buck naked, as she puts it, for Playboy's Women of Enron issue, says she'd do it again in a heartbeat. É 'I would love for people to call them and tell them they'd like to see more of me,' she says in the latest issue of Portland magazine. É The bountiful 28-year-old says she had mixed emotions when she lost her job at Enron Broadband Services. 'I loved my job, but there's something about corporate America that just isn't me.' É We know just how she feels. É Can't say the polls are closing today because they never really opened. But you know what I mean. É The experts have been saying all along that it's been Serena Cruz's race to lose Ñ and I'm guessing she just may have done it. É My prediction: Randy Leonard and Nick Fish in a runoff for that City Council seat Ñ although, as you've probably noticed, I haven't been right yet on one of these things.

• • •

Time again for Forbes magazine's annual listing of the 400 wealthiest people in the United States Ñ and the Big O, as usual, is far too modest. É From reading their story, you'd never guess that the New York-based Newhouse brothers, Donald and Si Ñ who, by the way, just happen to own the local rag Ñ are tied at 20th place with personal fortunes of $7.7 billion each. É And while that may seem like a piddling amount to you and me, we should point out that they are both up from $5 billion (and 31st place) last year, making them by far the richest media owners in the country. É Strikes me as something to be proud of instead of the other way around.

• • •

When former Blazer coach Rick Adelman, now with the Sacramento Kings, called ahead for reservations at El Gaucho last Saturday night, he asked for two highchairs Ñ causing some staff members to wonder if maybe he was meeting some of his former charges. É Turns out they were for his two granddaughters, whose mothers, Laura and Kathy, still live in the Portland area. É In response to my wisecrack about Portland getting only a B-plus from the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Patrick Cassidy writes to say that, in his opinion, 'the two worst things that ever happened to the human race are the internal combustion engine and television. The Portland Tribune may run a close third.' É But look at the bright side. At least we beat out nuclear weapons, didn't we? É And in case anyone has been feeling down in the dumps about that B-plus rating, Bicycling magazine just named Portland as the best overall bicycling city in the country.

• • •

Our woman about town, Maggi White, has been telling me for months now about this hot new quasi restaurant Ñ on North Interstate and Albina, of all places Ñ that you can't even get into without a recommendation from someone who's already been there. É They feature a 'family supper' each week, and as you might guess from the name, diners are seated at a long table and served whatever owners Michael Hebb and Naomi Pomeroy, both graduates of Bruce Carey's kitchen at Zefiro's, decide to cook up that day. É Michael says they have a waiting list of 700. É If you want to get in on it, try stopping by the Gotham Building Coffee Shop at the same address for breakfast or lunch, and see if you can't work something out.

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