'According to the Oregon Employment Department, on June 1, 2002, there were 282,300 government employees in our beautiful but going-broke stateÉ

'Who are all these nice folks who administrate and protect us? The population of Oregon is about 3,300,800 strong. That translates to one of every six adults you see in church, at sporting events, on the sidewalk or on the highway is a government employeeÉ

'Bottom line: One adult out of every six is far too many for what government is supposed to be doing in our livesÉ

Ñ From a 'Soapbox' column by Tigard

resident Ferd Moreno, published in the Sept. 12 editions of the

Tigard Times and Tualatin Times

'The U.S. has shipped 17,000 tons of corn to Zambia, where many are already down to one meal per day, only to have it sit in storage. Because some of the U.S. corn has been genetically modified Ñ to make it more resistant to pests, diseases and the region's harsh growing environs Ñ (Zambian President Levy) Mwanawasa has declared it unsafe for consumptionÉ

'Science and experience have proved these fears to be unfoundedÉ

'Genetic modification has led to a healthier, more abundant food supply that is cheaper to produce and less stressful on the environment. Now that we have the means to feed Africa's hungry, who would've guessed that some would lack the motive?'

Ñ From an editorial published Sept. 17

in the Wall Street Journal

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