Seahawks have new digs but little talent


The NFL season is under way and while two weeks is such a small fraction of the long season, it's still possible to draw a few conclusions. In fact, I'm going to draw a half-dozen:

• No. 1 Ñ I know this is no great secret, but a whole lot of NFL coaches out there want total control of the player personnel aspects of their teams. A few of them can actually handle the job. Mike Holmgren in Seattle appears to be one who can't.

How did the Seahawks manage to find themselves a team so devoid of playmakers and impact players? The talent level in Seattle was never as great as they thought it was, but still Ñ that's a very mediocre cast of characters up there.

Either Holmgren shipped off all the talent in a hurry or Dennis Erickson was a whole lot better coach than they thought he was. Oh, yeah, we know that's true.

•ÊNo. 2 Ñ So, Duck fans, you're all excited about Joey Harrington getting his first starting assignment this weekend as the Lions play host to the Green Bay Packers? Be careful what you wish for.

Rookie quarterbacks thrown into the thick of battle with lousy teams are often to be pitied. No matter how talented you are as a quarterback, if you don't have the weapons at your disposal, or proper protection, you're not only not going to produce the way you should, you stand a chance of getting banged up.

•ÊNo. 3 Ñ New England is really good.

Sometimes teams use a Super Bowl win as an excuse to get fat in the belly and head. But the Patriots, a team many saw as something of a fluke champion, have drawn confidence and power from their title. They're on a serious roll right now and look to be a lot better team than I ever thought they'd be.

•ÊNo. 4 Ñ St. Louis? Just goes to show, no matter how ingenious your scheme is on offense, the league catches up to it pretty quickly.

•ÊNo. 5 Ñ I love Miami. I like the Dolphins, too.

•ÊNo. 6 Ñ NFL pre-game shows get worse every season. It's all about the people who host the shows now, rather than the game or its players.

If I see any more ads with little animated clay figures of Terry Bradshaw, I'm going to forget the Pittsburgh Steelers ever existed.

Oh, and I meant to mention that it probably would be a good season to do that anyway.

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