Sittin in at Sweet Oregon Grill


When the Oregon GI Blues Music Festival collapsed last weekend, leaving Pinetop Perkins, the legendary 87-year-old blues pianist from Chicago, more or less stranded in Portland, it was starting to look like another one of those sad-sack musician stories. É At least it was until Peter Dammann, who plays guitar with Paul deLay, invited Pinetop to sit in with the band out in Hillsboro at the Sweet Oregon Grill Ñ which, incidentally, is becoming one of the area's hipper music venues. Idea was, the band would cut him in on their earnings. É At the end of the night, owner Jerry Wilson rewarded Pinetop with what Dammann called 'a big fat tip.' É Dammann wouldn't disclose the exact amount, but whatever it was, Wilson could probably afford it. He cleared $200 million (after taxes) on sales of the Soloflex exercise machine. É And that was back in the early '80s, when $200 million was real money.

• • •

Insiders say Ron Saxton, who finished second in the Republican gubernatorial primary, is seriously considering a run for mayor. É Add his name to a growing list that includes U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, county Chairwoman Diane Linn, county Commissioner Maria Rojo de Steffey, city Commissioners Erik Sten and Jim Francesconi, and Vera Ñ who, believe it or not, still hasn't ruled out another run. É While Chief Kroeker still seemed to be in the running for the job in L.A., a lot of folks who would ordinarily be raising Cain about his top-down, hard-nosed style held their tongues. É Why? Because they didn't want to hurt his chances of getting the job. É Get ready for some straight talk about the demise of community policing in P-town.

• • •

Local comic Art Krug marvels that even after $90 million worth of therapy, Keiko won't go away to join his brethren in the wilds. 'Doesn't he know that company and fish stink after three days, and he's both?' É 'Yes, I know Keiko's actually a mammal,' says Krug. 'But the joke doesn't work that way.' É Bette Sinclair, who does public relations work for most of the big restaurants in town, has commissioned local artist Leslie Ann Butler to paint a portrait of her poodle, Louis. É You, too, can have Butler paint a portrait of your pet for anywhere from $800 to $3,000. É Until last weekend, the folks at Pastaworks, the boutique grocery story on Hawthorne, were puzzled by the large number of orders they were getting every Sunday for cannoli Ñ which, in case you haven't had the pleasure, is a rich Italian pastry filled with ricotta cheese and chocolate. É Seems that everyone in P-town is having 'Sopranos' parties.

• • •

Just when you were beginning to think that no one cared about Bigfoot anymore, Steve Peterson and his girlfriend say they ran into one last month when they were camping near Mount St. Helens. More than one, actually. É It was sometime before dawn and foggy as well, so they didn't actually get a good look at them, but they believe there were three creatures present. É One had a deep voice that went 'whoo, whoo, whoo,' one tore off the limb of a tree, and one did a lot of whistling. After the sun came out, according to the Western Bigfoot Society's latest newsletter, 'activity died away.' É Personally, I'm a little bit dubious about the one that broke off the tree limb. Could have been anything.

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