PSU gym gets new look


Portland State volleyball coach Jeff Mozzochi couldn't be happier with the results of the $1 million renovation to Stott Center.

'It's great, especially for volleyball,' Mozzochi says. 'We've gone from being one of the worst facilities in the Big Sky to being one of the best. It's just going to take us a little while to get used to it.'

The Vikings play host to the University of Portland at 7 tonight.

In addition to getting a new gym floor, Stott Center has undergone some other significant changes. In past years, the gym had regular bleacher seating, and the main entrance was at midcourt. This problem eliminated most of the prime seating and reduced the capacity.

Now the entrance is at one end. There are fewer but better-quality bleacher seats, and one side has 500 seats with backs. Capacity is about 1,500.

'It's a lot more intimate,' Mozzochi says. 'If we get 1,500 people in here, you won't be able to hear yourself.'

Other improvements include new basketball backboards and supports, and the addition of facilities for television broadcasts.