This is the time for new batteries for the remote control, isn't it?

Yes, hockey season is upon us. The NBA is playing exhibition games. Baseball is in the postseason, and football is king in Oregon.

A few random observations about the busy season:

• Can you give me one good reason why baseball players don't hustle to first base in the postseason? I understand the reality of the long, regular-season grind. Some nights, you're just not physically able to run hard on every single routine ground ball or pop-up. But come on, there's a lot of money riding in the playoffs, and I am seeing guys jogging to first base.

That's unfathomable.

• Speaking of baseball imponderables, how about this one? Major League Baseball allows Fox to telecast both league championship series games Wednesday night at the same time? Can you imagine the National Football League allowing the NFC and AFC championship games to be played at the same time? No way. This is Bud Selig's world now, though. And it's a clueless place.

• The Ducks play the Bruins in the Rose Bowl. How will it go? Well, the last four times they've played down there it went to the final play of the game. I don't think so this time. I know, this is the kind of game Oregon has always found a way to win.

But not Saturday. I do not believe the Ducks have been on the field with a team as good as UCLA this year. And I don't know if they can depend on UCLA coach Bob Toledo to make another one of those bewildering decisions, the way he did at the end last year when he played for a long field goal at the end.

Let's say UCLA, 38-31.

• The Blazers open with a home exhibition win over Utah. Sheesh, what a test that was. Karl Malone played the first quarter and showered at halftime. The Jazz treated it as a good, hard run. And it turned into something barely above the level of an intrasquad scrimmage. The thousands who stayed away from this game knew what they were doing.

• Rick Neuheisel runs afoul of the NCAA. Gee, I bet the other Pac-10 coaches are real sad about this. You have to be old enough to have watched 'Leave it to Beaver' on television, but this guy Neuheisel is the Eddie Haskel of college football. Eddie used to give Mrs. Cleaver that big smile and syrupy hello while he was stealing a piece of cake out of the fridge as soon as she turned her back.

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