• Under my leadership, Metro's role in the community will change dramatically. I will lead Metro to conduct its decision-making in a way that is more responsive to the desires of the individual communities and empower the region with more local control.

• We can plan and prepare for more population by investing in the infrastructure needed to support the influx of people. We need more roads, more buses to service those growing areas, and most importantly, Metro needs to make sure that we are supplying the land needed for the growth.

• Convenient access to parks and open space, good schools with smaller class size, and economic stability make a good community.

• Right now there isn't balance. Our existing roads and highways have been severely neglected at the expense of more light rail and bike paths. We need to invest in all areas of transportation, and that includes roads and road capacity.

• We all want to preserve our natural resources and the unique character of this region. However, we (the government) need to recognize the economic reality of regulatory actions on property and business. An economic impact study must be conducted before any new regulation is considered or imposed.

• There isn't enough planning for 'reality.' Our planners have not adequately planned/prepared the region's transportation system or planned to meet the economic needs for industrial growth.

• If we invest in the infrastructure needed to attract new business and industry to the region, then our economy will boom.

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