The chaotic scene at the end of the Arizona State game sums up what has gone wrong with Oregon State the past three weeks. Not to suggest that the Beavers would have scored a touchdown from 34 yards out after going 25 yards the wrong way in the previous three plays. But it would have been nice to see them at least get an attempt off.

With the clock winding down under 25 seconds, Pop Warner players would have known to sprint back to the line and set up for a final play. Several of the Beaver lollygagged back into position, and the clock expired. That's more unsettling to Beaver fans than anything else about the loss. It reflects poorly on the coaches ÑÊdidn't they have these guys prepared?

The defense and special teams did their jobs Saturday. It's up to the offense to join the party. The next opponent, Cal, is no pushover. If there is to be some salvaging of this season for the Beavers, a victory on Oct. 26 would be a good place to start.

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