Recap of a crazy sports weekend:

nÊDucks lose: Part of the charm of college football is its unpredictability. And part of what drives you nuts about college football is its unpredictability. I mean, Arizona State was lucky to score 14 points the previous week against Oregon State. Then the Sun Devils ran roughshod over previously undefeated and No. 6-ranked Oregon.

Actually, I think this sport is a lot like boxing. It's all about the matchups. And finding the favorable ones. For instance, if you have weak corners, certain teams can take advantage of that and others can't. Or, if you're playing a team coached by Bob Toledo, you win the game if you keep it close.

And, yes, it's probably time to quit talking about what a tough league the Pacific-10 Conference is this season. I'm not buying it at this point. Honestly, neither Oregon nor Arizona State looked like a top 20 team Saturday in Eugene.

nÊThe World Series marathon: I do not understand why, on baseball's biggest stage, it ought to take 3 hours and 44 minutes to play a 4-3 game, as it did on Saturday. Game 2 on Sunday took 3:57.

I'm telling you, this sport is killing itself with the casual fan by stringing out these games so long that only a relative of one of the players has the constitution, or the concentration, to stay with them all the way to the end.

nÊCaptain Comeback: Joey Harrington wasn't spectacular in leading his Detroit Lions down the field late Sunday to tie the game, then to win it. He didn't have to be. But engineering late wins is about leadership. And we know Harrington had that quality before he ever found his way to Motown.

nÊBurning issue: That revealing, first-ever, one-on-one interview with Rasheed Wallace in the morning daily last week wasn't really the first one ever. It wasn't even the first one in two years (e.g. Courtside Magazine, Feb. 2001). But it did get right to the point concerning what Portlanders are aching to know about Wallace.

The first question was why he moved his coat drive from Philadelphia to Portland. It doesn't get any more hard-hitting than that.

nÊSeahawks lose again: Man, Paul Allen is finding out it's tough to build a contender in football, where the hard salary cap keeps you from outspending everyone else in the league by a 2-to-1 margin.

Heck, now that I think of it, I'd say he's also finding out that it's tough to build a contender in the NBA, where you can outspend everyone by a 2-to-1 margin.

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