• Serena misses the point. It isn't that the city has failed to find a niche, but failed to attend to the present. The public is most often asked for comment on a proposal only after the city has made a decision. This attitude caused Columbia Sportswear to move out of Portland with its $25 million tax base and 1,000 jobs.

• Before increasing or replacing taxes, the city budget needs a thorough analysis. I've identified duplicate programs in city bureaus that should be merged into one office.

• Portland's transportation problems are part of a regional and statewide crisis. We need to better maintain our existing roads and bridges, and we need the resources to pave the unpaved streets in Portland's forgotten neighborhoods.

• Not until we know how to make up the lost tax revenue paid by PGE to the city, how the buyout affects low-income ratepayers, where the money will come from to buy PGE and how to avoid problems like those plaguing the city-owned water utility.

• Only after I was convinced that there were no other alternatives.

• A sit-lie ordinance could give the city a tool to get those individuals the help they need. Affordable housing and access to living-wage jobs also would help.

• OHSU is the largest employer in the city; however, it does not pay property taxes to the city or the city's schools. Is this the best and highest use of this property? I have deep reservations.

• The city could save the schools $2 million per year by not charging schools for water and sewer. We also can continue to support maintenance of school sports fields so more money can go into the classroom.

• Where would the money come from? Serena has been asked this repeatedly and has yet to answer that question.

• This response by Serena does not help me know her better.

• I agree.

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