• Randy doesn't like hearing 'no,' but he sure likes saying it. He said no to affordable housing and to using city general funds to help schools. Good customer service starts with thoughtful leadership, not tough talk.

• It's not good customer service to give people a runaround. Portlanders deserve straight answers, whether it's yes or no.

• Scrapping this tax will result in a $46 million cut. I support modifying it to make it fairer to small businesses.

• Ah, yes, the Department of Waste, Fraud and Abuse. Does Randy really believe we can find $46 million of administrative cuts?

• Why not start with Randy's two public pensions? As a legislator, Randy sponsored and passed a law that protected his two pensions.

• Randy can express the frustration, but can he get results? The city can retain and attract jobs by improving the business climate, supporting small businesses: buying local goods and services whenever possible and doubling the city's commitment to PSU's engineering school.

• I disagree. I appreciate the hard work city employees are doing with property owners to rework the Healthy Portland Streams proposal. When we stop being divisive and collaborate, we actually find solutions.

• Randy got it partly right. We do have to work with upstream polluters, but it won't work to say, 'It's your mess; you clean it up.' We must invest $1 billion to clean up the sewer overflow problems.

• The city contributed $36 million to the schools from its general fund in the past decade, and we need to be prepared to do it again. We can't afford to lose one more day from our school year. In the long run, we won't ever solve this problem if we don't get real tax reform. I support modifying or repealing Measure 5.

• Or did The Oregonian put it best just last month? 'Leonard has yet to show that he will be able to tell the city's unions anything they don't want to hear.'

• Actions speak louder than words. Until departments like the fire bureau reflect the diversity of our community, we've got a long way to go. Randy might think about that while he's patting himself on the back

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