For Vera, its front row all the way


'Nobody I know gets to boss Vera around,' says mayoral aide Sam Adams, responding, of course, to an item in this very space quoting a City Hall insider saying that, on occasion, Sam does just that. É Furthermore, at the regulatory reform news conference, where I said the mayor sat in the back of the room while Adams ran the show, it wasn't like that at all. 'Vera sat at the front of the table,' says Sam. É Whoops. Time to check in again with Deep Throat. 'You idiot,' said Throat, 'I told you she took a back seat at the conference, not that she sat in the back. Get it now?'É Otherwise, though, Throat stands by everything reported here concerning the state of things in the mayor's office. Plus this: When Adams gets around to announcing his candidacy, Vera won't endorse him.

• • •

Vivid, the month-old restaurant in the heart of the Pearl at 1338 N.W. Hoyt, may have just taken the lead in P-town's chic derby. And while there may still be those beautiful people among us who favor Bluehour, based on looks alone it's hard to see how. É Dark and glossy, with large curved mirrors and palm trees. É I thought I'd died and gone to Miami Beach Ñ where, incidentally, proprietor Andrew Sugar is from. É Second most frequently asked question in these parts Ñ after whatever happened to Kelley Day (and in case you missed it, she's in love) Ñ is: When in tarnation is that movie, 'The Hunted,' coming out? In February, says Liza McQuade of the Oregon Film Office. É Director Billy Friedkin has reportedly said that it will 'show off Portland to great advantage.'

• • •

We've all seen our share of 'lost dog' and 'lost cat' posters on telephone poles, but film guy Stephen Sasser e-mails that he saw one the other day at 43rd and Division for a lost chicken. Naturally, wanting to get all the facts before putting out an all-points bulletin, I asked if there was a description of said chicken. É 'If your leg was in reach, I'd pullet,' responded Sasser. Why do I always fall for these things? And does he really think we'd stoop so low as to repeat such an irredeemably corny joke in this space? É Pedro Ferbel-Azcarate, who lives in Sellwood, sends a nice note explaining that 'organic,' as used in the now-famous case of Food Front's organic carving pumpkins, 'has to do with the soil in which the pumpkin was grown, not the quality or purity of the produce. É Many people choose to buy organic because they don't want to encourage farming practices that contribute to things like polluted rivers from toxic soil runoff.' OK, I've got it.

• • •

At last Friday's City Club debate, Metro president candidate David Bragdon compared building more roads to relieve traffic congestion to 'appearing to lose weight by buying larger and larger pants.'É 'I've listened to you say that in every debate we've been in,' responded his opponent, Kate Schiele. 'And I have to say, that is the goofiest analogy I've ever heard.' É She's got a point Ñ unless, of course, David is trying to make the argument that the bigger your pants are, the more you'll weigh. É Although, come to think of it, what is the best analogy? It's worth a free Halloween lunch Ñ on me Ñ at Food Front's very fine delicatessen to whomever comes up with the best answer.

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