Len Bergstein

President, Northwest Strategies Inc.

2001 revenues: $680,000*

Big win: Persuading officials to let client Waste Management Inc. truck garbage to state-of-the-art landfill in Arlington in Eastern Oregon.

Mark Wiener

Senior vice president, M&R Strategic Services

2001 revenues: N/A

Big win: Won each of the 10 campaigns managed in Nov. 5 election.

Paul Phillips

President, Pac/West Communications

2001 revenues: $4.9 million*

Big win: Solid defeat of measure that bans per-signature payments to people who collect signatures for ballot initiatives.

Pat McCormick

Partner, Conkling, Fiskum & McCormick Inc.

2001 revenues: $2.9 million*

Big win: Defeated popular 1998 measure to ban timber clear-cutting. Measure got fewer votes than signatures to put it on ballot.

Brian Gard

President, Gard & Gerber

2001 revenues: $750,000*

Big win: Successful 1990 campaign (76 percent 'yes' vote) to pass seat belt law after voters defeated similar measure in 1988.

(* Source: Business Journal of Portland)

Ñ Compiled by Mary Bellotti

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