Overheard at Alessandro's at Southwest Third and Morrison Ñ owner Ty Wells greeting auto mogul Ed Tonkin: 'What's up, Ed, sold any good lemons lately?' 'Hey, Ty,' shoots back Tonkin. 'Made any decent food for a change? Don't know why I keep coming here.' É But don't worry, folks, they're only kidding. The cars are tasty as ever, and the food runs like a top. É As if things weren't bad enough in Blazerland already, the team is in a snit over having to take the bus to Thursday night's game in Seattle. At least that's what the plan was as we went to press. É According to sources within the organization, owner Paul Allen's mom, Faye, needed the team's luxury jet to fly over to Hawaii for a much-needed vacation.

• • •

First of all, Mark Kikel, who's promoting the Portland Comedy Challenge, would like to say it was not a 'jar' of mustard that he ate but five 16-ounce squeeze bottles of French's Mustard. And he drank it, not ate it, on 'The Mark and Brian Show,' which is, of course, a nationally syndicated morning radio show carried locally by KGON (92.3 FM). É That's the Portland Comedy Challenge, folks: Sunday night at Exotica, Monday at the Boiler Room, Wednesday at Roscoe's. É Her Honor the Mayor has let it be known in various quarters that if she had it to do over again, she'd never pick a police chief from outside the city. Wonder who she's referring to? É Or since we're on the subject: When's he going to land a bigger and better job somewhere else? Lord knows, he's been trying ever since he got here.

• • •

After-hours clubs are the in thing for the twentysomething set. According to one estimate, there are about 10 of them operating east of the river. É The doors are guarded, and you can't get in unless they know you or you're with someone they know. Just like the old-time speakeasies. É Sounds like lots of fun Ñ except that some of the regulars are packing. The fatal shooting at 22nd and Lombard last Sunday morning was outside an after-hours club. É If you're looking for the perfect bento lunch in a place with an unlikely name, try the James Bean Cafe on the corner of Southwest Second and Taylor. It's not just that the food is so good Ñ check out the salmon filet Ñ but if you ask for it, you get a free shot of a medicinal tea stewed from ginger, apple, lemon, honey and dates. É Manager Sean Coe of the Korean family that runs the place says Gov. Kitzhaber, who was in recently and ordered the chicken teriyaki, with veggies and brown rice for just $4.25, still hasn't sent them the picture he promised.

• • •

Don't tell anyone, butP-town's top folk music duo, Kate Powers and Steve Einhorn, has gone country in a big way, complete with electric guitar, pedal steel and drums. If the local country music stations have a lick of sense, several tracks on their new CD, 'Now and Then' Ñ produced by Sheryl Crow and former Quarterflash drummer Gregg Williams Ñ should be getting serious airtime soon. É In the meantime, pick up your own copy at Artichoke Music, Kate and Steve's store on Southeast Hawthorne. Not too early to start thinking about, gulp, Christmas presents.

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