Stephanos, at Southwest 12th Avenue and Washington Street, no doubt has a classy nude shadow-dancing show. But if you're planning to videotape all or any part of it any time soon, please be sure to wear your best running shoes. É Last Tuesday night about 10, security guards from the restaurant chased one breathless patron at least six blocks through downtown streets before finally cornering him inside one of P-town's classier restaurants on Broadway. É 'Help, I'm being assaulted!' yelled the 'chasee' as he burst through the front door, followed by three burly guys, knocking over furniture and shouting (somewhat inaccurately), 'He's wanted for armed robbery!' É Turns out that all they wanted was the man's video camera. É No comment from Stephanos about the incident. 'You'll have to talk to our attorney about that,' said a manager.


Flying first class from Dallas on Turkey Day, P-town's favorite bad girl, Tonya Harding, was talking up her new boxing career. 'It's the real thing É you don't wear headgear.'É Fellow passengers observed her getting in shape for her upcoming bout by Ñ what else? Ñ drinking vodka. When, after three of them, the flight attendant cut her off, she reportedly got very pissed. É Why is Manzana, the new eatery in the Pearl from Pacific Coast Restaurants (they also own Stanford's and 11 Newport Bays), such a hot spot? Or for that matter, why has Portland City Grill, Pacific Coast's other high-end restaurant located in the U.S. Bancorp Tower downtown, succeeded so spectacularly where Atwater's failed? É No big secret Ñ just look at their happy hour menus: Caesar salad, $2; cheeseburger, $3; chips and guacamole, $2. É People are literally standing in line to get in Ñ and buy drinks.


Good to see such a big turnout Friday for the lighting of the Christmas tree in Pioneer Square: happy shoppers everywhere. É Almost makes you believe that the gloom-and-doom predictions for a slow Christmas buying season are off the mark. É But why, once again, does City Hall persist in calling that big evergreen tree in the middle of the square, trimmed with bright lights, a 'holiday tree'? É Certainly they're willing to exploit the cultural and religious symbol to entice shoppers into spending their money downtown. Then they proceed to insult a sizable portion of the community by pointedly refusing to call it by its real name. É You have to wonder: What part of 'Honor diversity' don't they understand?


Sign of the times, spotted on the second story of a building at the corner of Southwest 16th Avenue and Alder Street: 'Boycott Blazers Ñ We need a team that can beat L.A., not women and the justice system.' É In true Portland tradition, though, it's a touch pedantic. Maybe someone can come up with something a little zippier. É Consider this your official contest headquarters. É J.D. Stubenberg, head mixologist at Jimmy Mak's, says Thara Memory's new compact disc 'is going to set P-town's music community on its ear' Ñ especially a jazz-soul-funk number called 'Paradise Earth.' É The final mix currently is under way in LA. É Bluesman Paul deLay wishes to announce that, starting this week, he will be holding a jam session every Wednesday night at the Spare Room on Northeast 42nd Avenue, which is a really nice place Ñ nowhere near as rough as, say, Vinny's Knuckle Room, where he used to play. 'Why,' says Paul, 'it was so rough there, you had to pick your lobster out of a lineup.' É Now, that's rough.

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