In this sequel to the hit wiseguy comedy 'Analyze This,' mob boss Paul Vitti (Robert De Niro) is about to be released from Sing Sing when he finds out that somebody's trying to ice him. Enter his old shrink, Ben Sobel (Billy Crystal), who has some family and career problems of his own. Lisa Kudrow is great as Sobel's wife, but the real entertainment comes from watching De Niro and Crystal play off each other like an old vaudeville team. They have an undeniable chemistry, even when the movie is falling apart around them. (Dawn Taylor)

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You know you're getting old if you can remember when James Bond movies were good. Released on the franchise's 40th anniversary, 'Die Another Day' proves that the producers have completely lost touch with reality ÑÊthey thought an appearance by Madonna would be a good idea. There's no reason to believe that Pierce Brosnan, as Bond, couldn't put 007 through leaner, meaner paces. There's just no reason to believe he'll ever get to.

(Pat Holmes)

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This loving homage to 1950s melodramas by Portlander Todd Haynes picked up best picture and best director honors from the New York Film Critics Circle. Julianne Moore and Dennis Quaid star as Cathy and Frank Whitaker. They're the perfect couple, except that he's a secret alcoholic and a closet homosexual, which drives her into the arms of her black gardener (DennisHaysbert).

(Joseph Gallivan)

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As was the case with the first Harry Potter film, 'Chamber of Secrets' doesn't dazzle, but it doesn't annoy, either. It's a pleasant enough mixed bag, offering delightful set pieces with flying cars, dueling wizards and terrifying monsters alternated with sections of deadly sluggishness. Director Chris Columbus is faithful to J.K. Rowling's book, but a sense of real magic is missing. 'Chamber' is a likable movie, but it never inspires actual awe. (DT)

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Jennifer Lopez stars as Marisa, a single mom who works in a posh New York hotel. A dashing politician (Ralph Fiennes) falls for her, believing she's someone else, setting loose sundry mix-ups, mistakes and mystifications. There are some strong performances, but the film is clichŽd beyond repair. And J.Lo ÑÊwhose rapacious pursuit of celebrity might almost give Madonna pause ÑÊis not convincing as a Cinderella figure. (PH)

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The crew of Star Trek's 'Next Generation' has returned for what's rumored to be the final big screen voyage of the USS Enterprise. Make it so. O, dear Lord, please make it so. The film suffers from the primary weakness of the television show ÑÊdumb, made-up science and terrible plotting. Fifteen years is a long time to keep dredging up adventures for the same group of actors. It's time to let them explore strange new roles. (DT)

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