Weaver timeline


August/September 2001

Ward Weaver intervenes in 40-count sex case against Ashley Pond's father; the case ends when the father pleads to one reduced charge.

January 10

Twelve-year-old Ashley disappears; Oregon City detective talks to Weaver in neighborhood 'canvass.'

Jan. 18

Investigators talk to Weaver; he allows them to search his house.

Jan. 19

Weaver allows investigators to search his yard Ñ but not his house Ñ with dogs.

After Jan. 19

Weaver tells ex-wife Maria Shaw that Ashley is buried 'someplace else.'

March 8

Thirteen-year-old Miranda Gaddis disappears.

March 9-March 31

Weaver tells his daughter she must help him dig a hole; he buys concrete to cover hole; he allows investigators to search his yard with dogs; he taunts ex-wives about the impossibility of burying people in the back yard; he invites his daughter's friend along for spring break trip to California.

May 4

Weaver watches volunteer searchers scour the canyon below his house.

June 30

Weaver tells the Portland Tribune that he is the FBI's 'prime suspect.'


Weaver conducts other, televised interviews.

July 17

Weaver allegedly sexually abuses 15-year-old girl at his house.

Around July 24

Miranda's body is moved to the shed on Weaver's property.

Aug. 13

Weaver allegedly rapes and attempts to kill his son's 19-year-old girlfriend. Weaver is arrested and kept in custody.

Aug. 23-Aug. 25

Police search Weaver's property, find Ashley's body under a concrete pad and Miranda's body in a shed.

Nov. 3

Weaver blames investigators' 'incompetence' for a 'little girl's' death.