News-Times' readers remember and reflect

I grew up in a household where newspapers were an expected part of the day.

We subscribed to both dailies in Seattle, and when I moved to Forest Grove, I continued that by subscribing to both the Oregonian and the Oregon Journal as well as the News-Times. And now, even in this age where newspapers may not have the impact they once had, I still subscribe to the News-Times, the Oregonian, and the New York Times. There is something about being able to fold the paper, turn the pages and get ink on your fingers that can't be matched by going online.

I enjoyed my short career in newspapering at the News-Times. My most memorable moment was covering the 1969 Viking basketball team as it went to the Memorial Coliseum for the State Tournament. Granted, they lost to McNary in the first round, and were eliminated the next day by Pendleton, but for that brief moment, they were one of 16 teams still playing in March. Then my life took a different turn with the incredible job offer from President Nixon to play a part in the shaping of U.S. Foreign Policy. And we move on.

But, my short time at the paper meant that I had the golden opportunity to meet and work with Pat Wagler, one of my favorite people. A first class journalist, and a first class person.

- Pete Truax is the mayor of Forest Grove.

Truly local, home-town-based news written by local reporters is an invaluable resource for people who care about their community.

The News-Times is one paper that fulfills the promise of local news and strengthens the community as a result.'

- Bill MacKenzie is the communications manager for Intel Corp.

Congratulations on 125 years! I have been a teacher at Cornelius Elementary for 11 years.

I have sincerely appreciated the News-Times' interest in Cornelius Elementary, the classes I have taught, and especially in recognizing and celebrating our special projects.

Teachers work so hard every day, and it has been nice to know that the community, through the News-Times, has taken an interest in my projects and the school's special activities. Students feel very proud when they see their pictures and names in the newspaper.

I especially appreciated your coverage of my Art Walk (June 15, 2005). Art has become one of my favorite subjects to integrate in all areas of the curriculum.

Your coverage of our Chinese New Year celebration (February 13, 2008, photo, above) was a highlight of my career. My mother, Shirley Hall, participated by teaching my students T'ai Chi. The students learned so much in an interesting and unique way. It was a memorable day!

Thank you for caring about and celebrating education in this area. Your coverage of educational activities lets the community see that schools are still doing their best to teach children.

Please keep up the good work. Here's to 125 more years of the News-Times!

- Cheryl Hall is a teacher at Cornelius Elementary School.

Local news organizations such as the News-Times bridge gaps between rumors and facts about the biorhythms of communities -

their reasons to smile, causes for heartburn, changes in season, calls to action, births, marriages, deaths, even things to do on a date. Along the way, they carry out a tradition at the core of the American way of life and its democracy and economy. We cheer the News-Times for keeping faith with this tradition.

- Ben Santarris is head of Corporate Communications at Solarworld.

Community newspapers are important because they let readers know what is happening close to home, where they live.

A reader has to search through metro-type newspapers to find information about their personal neighborhood, whereas community newspapers have something of interest on every page. Our local community newspaper, the Forest Grove News-Times, does a great job of partnering with local organizations, schools, and businesses.

My fondest memory of the News-Times is working with Reporter Pat Wagler while attending Forest Grove High School. She took a personal interest in what was happening and was never seen without her camera. She always had a positive comment and a wonderful smile.'

- Lois Hornberger is director of Conference Services for Pacific University.

Community newspapers provide the true foundation for our communities.

The tradition of wrapping your hands around a warm cup of coffee as you read stories about people you know and places you've been is alive and well today. Emerging technology has provided us with instantaneous information and as a society we demand more, better, faster. However, we still depend on our community newspapers to keep us connected to the neighbors, the students and businesses in our own backyard. For 125 years, the Forest Grove News-Times has provided a vital link that helps maintain a sincere sense of community in Forest Grove. We are grateful for your dedication and commitment.

- Deanna Palm is a member of the Portland Community College Board of Directors.

A community newspaper represents the morality, ethic and common understanding of a community.

The newspaper challenges us, informs us, and broadens our understanding of the world, locally and globally. It's an invaluable thread in the fabric of our society, solid and firm, weaving together our collective lives. The News-Times has been our strong thread these 125 years, and we are a better community for its dedication.

- Jeannine Murrell is a Farmers Insurance agent in Cornelius.

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