He makes shavers rise out of the Phoenix


Nestled almost incongruously in the corner of the Phoenix Pharmacy at 6828 S.E. Foster Road is an aid station for electric razors on the fritz. For Jim Tyger, owner of Shaving Service West, the tiny buzz saws are like old friends. He's devoted the last 42 years of his life to fixing them Ñ ever since he got out of the U.S. Air Force in 1961. That's the year he went to work for Sperry Rand Corp. repairing their Remington razors. He left to start his own repair service 10 years later. Semiretired now, Tyger, 63, is at his station in the Phoenix Pharmacy just three days a week. He charges $4.50 for sharpening and $15.50 for what he calls a super tuneup. He maintains an inventory of parts for razors dating to the 1940s. Many of his customers have been coming to him for 30 years and more. 'My client's children are customers now,' he says.

ÑÊDaniel J. Curran