Topic of the day on the Lars Larson show was Erik Sten's resolution (scheduled to come before the City Council on Wednesday) opposing a U.S. invasion of Iraq Ñ and as expected, Lars, who makes no secret of his admiration for the Bush administration's Mideast policy, was giving the commissioner what for. É By phone, Sten attempted to counter the barrage. 'I understand that you're a veteran,' he pleaded, 'but É' Lars cut him off. 'No,' he said, correcting his guest immediately, 'I'm not a veteran. But I am very supportive of our military.' É 'Oh, I thought you were,' said Sten, forcing Lars to say it again. É Sten swears he wasn't needling the enthusiastically pro-war talk show host at all. 'I was simply mistaken,' he says, 'and Lars set me straight.' É I keep telling these guys they should be nice to each other, but who listens to me?

• • •

Elsewhere in radio land, the following e-mail was sent out last week by office manager Judy Combs to all employees of Entercom Radio Ñ which includes local stations KKSN, KGON, 910 'The Fan' and Rosie 105: 'The cleaning people informed me yesterday that someone is using the shower in the men's room as a urinal. É Please stop and use the other porcelain object provided. Unfortunately, corporate headquarters will not authorize kitty litter as a budget line item.' É More fun facts from your Oregon Liquor Control Commission: Did you know that in Oregon it is illegal for a bar to advertise a 'Happy Hour' in the newspaper or on an outdoor sign, but OK to do so inside? É Among other phrases deemed illegal by the OLCC: 'Social Adjustment Hour.' É Boats Johnson spotted the following bumper sticker on a Toyota Corolla up by Lewis & Clark: 'Honk the Fibonacci sequence if you love algorithmic music.' É Please, don't even tell me.

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If you're as fascinated as I always am by the Klingon karaoke doings at Bodacious Classics on Powell, then you need to know that there is also a Vulcan Language Institute Ñ Vulcan being the native language of Spock. É Its founder is P-town native Mark Gardner, who got started on this while he was a Russian language linguist for the Navy. According to his Web site, he is also a member of the American Gerbil Society. É For the grand opening of Vine Leaves at 23rd and Hawthorne, owner Gus Haddad is offering free hors d'oeuvres all weekend long, Friday through Sunday. Is he nuts? É 'No,' says Gus, 'our kitchen is strong. We can handle it.' É Henry Ford's Restaurant on Barbur Boulevard, a Portland landmark for 47 years, will be closing its doors for good next month. Brian Ford, son of the original owner, hopes to open another steakhouse soon, perhaps in Lake Oswego, 'this time without red-flocked wallpaper.'

• • •

They met at a dance at the Woodsmen of the World Hall. Barney fell for her right away, but Millie played hard to get. É At the end of the evening, he blocked the door with his arms and legs and said he wouldn't let her leave unless she told him how to get in touch with her again. She gave him her phone number. É That was March 1932. É This weekend, Mildred and Bernard 'Barney' Flynn celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. Let all of us who will never come close raise our glasses in awe and admiration.

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