Wallace watchers weigh in on latest


Oh, I get letters. Most of them come by e-mail, which means you don't even have to spend a few cents for a stamp to put in your 2 cents' worth. So, with the town still upset over the Rasheed Wallace incident, it's time for another dip into the mailbag, an adventure we like to call 'Hey, Jaynes.'

Hey, Jaynes: 'In your article about Wallace you didn't deal at all with the comments made by Brevin Knight, an eyewitnessÉ you just spit out some rumors about Wallace. É Just because he has done things in the past, he is already guilty here as well? Hope you aren't seeking a judgeship.'

Reply: I know what you mean. Who am I to presume that this cool dude, Wallace, could have lost his temper and stormed after a referee?

Hey, Jaynes: 'Until the NBA tells us what happened, then we (the fans) are going off of what the only eyewitness (Brevin Knight) reported.'

Reply: Why does everyone think that Knight is the only eyewitness? Quite obviously, there were many Ñ and only Knight has disputed the version of the story that says Wallace was abusive and threatening to referee Tim Donaghy. Since many of the eyewitnesses work for the Blazers, don't you think they'd come forward and dispute the league's version of the events if there was anything to dispute?

Hey, Jaynes: 'You are a joke looking for something to write about. If you think for one minute the NBA does not 'put' the two teams into the Finals that are going to bring in the biggest bang for the buck, then you're a joke.'

Reply: Well, I think you think I'm a joke, at least that's the feeling I'm getting. But if the NBA went for the big ratings bang, it would have the Knicks in the Finals every season.

Hey, Jaynes: 'You're an idiot.'

Reply: And your mother wears combat boots.

Hey, Jaynes: 'Start standing up for your team. Standing up for what is fair. Take a stand against inconsistent refereeing.'

Reply: They aren't my team. I'm not a fan of any team. I'm a big fan of the game, though. And trust me, everyone Ñ even referees Ñ is against inconsistent refereeing. But it's a lot tougher than it looks, and NBA officials are so much better than college refs that I can barely watch a college game.

Hey, Jaynes: 'Nose to nose? Uh, weren't they 50 feet away? Last time I checked, that wasn't nose to nose. É Well, it's as if you're Dwight 'Pinocchio' Jaynes. É Don't let the facts stand in the way of spreading your baseless rumor and innuendo.'

Reply: Sorry, but it wasn't my newspaper that for three days downplayed this story and made it seem as if this incident was nothing more than a shouting match across a parking lot. It was way worse than that, as everyone now knows.

Well, all the e-mails weren't like this. Many more believed that Wallace was not punished enough, or that the team

shouldn't continue to alibi for him, thus enabling his continued bad behavior. For those who wrote those kind notes, thanks Ñ but the wacky or insulting ones are a lot more fun to run in a letters column.

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