When Kristi Tyra-Davis learned that her son had chemical sensitivities and food allergies, she decided to inject a heavier dose of fresh produce into her family's diet. But finding the best proved a real chore. She got tired, she says, 'of going from store to store to find what I needed; I knew there had to be an easier way.' Others, she concluded, would feel the same way. The result was Manic Organic Inc., which makes home deliveries of fresh organic produce. With the help of her husband, Josh, Tyra-Davis searches out the best produce from local farms, supplemented at this time of year by items from California and Mexico, and delivers bins of it to her customers' doors on Portland's west side, in inner Southeast and Northeast areas, and in some suburbs. After nine months in business, Manic's customer base is growing rapidly. Its long list of offerings Ñ catalogued on its Web site ( Ñ this week included locally grown Granny Smith apples, Anjou pears, carrots, turnips and radishes. The service, which also comes with recipe ideas, is, says Tyra-Davis, 'a small way to simplify your life.'

Ñ Jodi Helmer

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