In a world where a company's Web site can matter as much as its telephone number, Portland-based Tweak Interactive has found a niche: making Web sites work. Many companies lose business because their sites are too slow, too balky, too uninformative, too confusing Ñ or all of the above. Often, says Chief Executive Officer Katherine Gray, the client has an idea of what the problem is Ñ 'They just don't know how to fix it.' The 3-year-old Web firm specializes in usability testing to determine how well sites work for online users. In the process Tweak sniffs out the weak spots. Is the site's content understandable? Logically organized? Accomplishing the company's aims? 'One of the reasons that people work with us is because our usability specialist is academically trained to perform this kind of testing,' Gray says. 'It's different from focus groups. You really need a third party's objective review.'

Ñ Jeanie Senior

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