Shogun's Gallery, which features fine objects of Asian art, is moving into the space on the corner of Northwest 23rd and Marshall, where the all-night diner Quality Pie used to be. É Kevin Mullane, Wimpy's bartender extraordinaire, recalls one night maybe 12 years ago when a brawl broke out among the drag queens who used to stop by after Darcelle's closed for the night. É 'I mean, it was really something,' he says, 'watching all those well-dressed women, some of whom were not that bad looking, throwing real punches at each other.' É The whole thing ended when someone got stabbed in the patootie with a broken beer bottle, at which point everyone jumped in their cars and split before the cops arrived. É And now an art gallery is moving in. 'Well,' the K-Man says almost pensively, 'there goes the neighborhood.'

• • •

After two terms of gubernatorial navel gazing in Salem, it looks like the new guy actually might be interested in doing something. É Almost lost among the major initiatives: A planned expansion of the SMART program Ñ Start Making a Reader Today Ñ intends to get senior citizens into the classroom to read to very young children. É I don't know about you, but I always get choked up when a guy who spent most of his early years in an orphanage goes out of his way to do something for kids. É Spotted in the Nickel Ads classified: 'English mastiff Ñ beautiful, well-behaved male. Previously celebrity-owned.' É Now, who do you suppose that could be? Surely not fledgling boxer Tonya Harding, whose 180-pound mastiff Toto was once her pride and joy.

• • •

Latest cop shop gossip (try saying that fast several times) concerns a West Hills dowager who called from the Governor Hotel one recent afternoon to report that her car, a vintage black Mercedes, had been stolen. She'd parked it across the street to attend a charity luncheon for Planned Parenthood, and when she came out, heavens to Betsy, it was gone! É Couple of hours later, after much diligent searching by the boys from Central Precinct, she spots it in the parking lot across the street. But it's blue. É 'Oh, how silly of me,' she says. É Turns out her hubby had just given her a new S600 for her birthday, and it flat slipped her mind. É To reward the fine officers for their trouble, she offered them a generous tip Ñ which they, of course, refused. É Well, sure they did.

• • •

Tom D'Antoni won't stop talking about his 'Oregon Art Beat' show next Thursday on KOPB (10). The show features Storm, the sexpot singer from Dante's Inferno. His favorite part is when she sings 'Hopelessly Devoted to You' on her knees while holding aloft an ax. 'Brings out the obsessive-stalker theme in that song,' he says. É Funny, I hadn't thought about that before. É More Valentine's Day thoughts: The protest outside the Pioneer Courthouse post office last Tuesday was a great success, with Sam Oakland, man of law and letters, handing out broadsides Ñ and, every so often, books of his own poetry. É Now that's what I call a dignified demonstration. É Among his poems:

Fireflies cast a golden glow

on summer evenings

but you, my love,

are the midnight sun

that warms

the winter of my life.

Recite that to your sweetie over dinner this evening and see if it doesn't get you somewhere.

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