George Waschs memorable moments in 50 years of TV


• Favorite nonsports moment: 'In 1959, I directed and produced a show called 'An Evening With É' on KPTV. Through mutual friends, I was able to land Jack Kennedy, who was running for president. We also had Jackie. It was the first time she ever was on a TV program, and she was pretty nervous. I had lunch twice with Jackie, just sat around and talked for an hour and a half. It was fascinating.'

• Favorite Blazer moment: 'Aside from the championship in 1977, it was when we beat Phoenix to get into the '90 finals. That was a great team, and everyone was so close in the traveling party those years.'

• Favorite video moment: 'Kermit Washington's lob pass to Billy Ray Bates for a basket to beat Philadelphia with one second left in 1980. Jack Ramsay had let us into his huddle, and he diagramed that play. I put the clock onto the screen, and our viewers saw it all. It doesn't get any better than that.'

• Favorite Blazer: 'Clyde Drexler. We became good friends. We played golf together. I took two bucks off him the last time we played. É Dave Twardzik and Larry Steele are also favorites.'

• Something he never got to do:

'I was always hoping I could end my career doing major league baseball. With the Oregon baseball campaign, maybe there's still hope.'

Ñ Kerry Eggers