March 1994 Ð The city begins giving the Portland school district $1.5 million annually to help pay for the school district's police force. The city gives the district another $700,000 during the 1994-1995 school year for various other programs.

June 1994 Ð The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners unanimously decides to create a special fund to help county schools suffering from the effects of ballot Measure 5, a property tax limitation measure that voters approved in 1990. The fund is capped at $500,000.

March 1996 Ð The city decides to give the Portland district $9 million, in large part to help the district avert a possible teachers' strike.

September 1997 Ð The Portland City Council gives $3.3 million to city schools, including about $2.5 million to the Portland district. Portland district officials use the money to restore some of the hundreds of teaching positions that the school board had been threatening to cut for that school year.

March 1998 Ð Multnomah County voters approve a one-year increase in the county's business income tax to raise $12.3 million to help county schools avoid laying off teachers and boosting class sizes. About $9.4 million of that goes to Portland Public Schools.

March 1999 Ð The city announces a plan to buy surplus Portland school district land, using the land for park space and sending $7 million to the district.

August 1999 Ð The city sends $4 million Ñ initially earmarked for building projects Ñ to the five school districts in Portland, including about $3 million to Portland Public Schools. City commissioners warn that schools need to find future money somewhere else.

May 2000 Ð Portland school district voters approve a five-year, $78 million property tax levy to help pay for 170 new teachers.

June 2001 Ð The city agrees to take over the Portland school district's 19-member police force after the school district decides it can no longer afford the force.

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