A sampling of edited comments from Portsmouth neighbors on the eVolvement Web site's 'electronic back fence':

Question: 'I sleep with a window open. What do you do when your neighbor's dogs (three of them) bark all night?'

Answer: 'Try the noise control officer for the city. His name is Paul Van Orden and his office number is 503-823-5829. His e-mail is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Noise control can fine homeowners.'

Q: 'Almost daily I find trash in my yard from Taco Bell. Has anyone thought about approaching the manager and asking for an extended check for trash?'

A: 'This location is a corporate location, and they have many layers of administration. Talking first to the manager is a great first step.'

Q: 'I've had to deal with a peeping Tom who watched over my sleeping girlfriend from a bedroom window, a criminal trespassing in my back yard É and last but not least É gunshots. It would be interesting to me to see what the general opinion is on the Portsmouth area.'

A: 'I've had the pleasure of having my closest neighbors drop by within the first week of residence with fresh gingerbread. É My suggestion would be to get to know your four most immediate neighbors ÉÊyou watch their backs, they watch yours.'

ÑÊAndy Giegerich

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