Criminal points make profile


Profile of the typical person who commits identity theft and check fraud:

• Methamphetamine, alcohol user

• In his or her 20s or 30s

• White

• Extensive property-crime history of theft, forgery and/or fraud charges

• Sixth-grade education

• Lives in an apartment or in many apartments

• Plays a role in one or two of three different stages in the identity theft process:

• Gathering checks and credit cards and selling or trading them for drugs. These identity thieves usually are down on their luck, strung out, and haven't been sober for a long time. They don't usually pass information themselves.

• Re-creating or creating documents. These people are the hardest to catch, as they insulate themselves the most and end up keeping the most money. They don't usually pass information themselves but instead sell or trade it for drugs.

• Passing information (e.g., bad checks, credit cards).