Next time the urge to bake a cake hits you, head to the shop that time forgot: the Decorette Shop in Southeast Portland, where the staff still hums along to Frank Sinatra on the AM dial.

The shop, at 5338 S.E. Foster Road, is a throwback to a time when women took pride in decorating cakes and overlaying them with flourishes of edible sprinkles or delicate frosting rosettes.

Started 30 years ago by Louis and Laura Blake, the family business now is run by Carol Winner, their daughter. Cake-decorating classes are still taught in a side room and draw people with a variety of skills. 'Local bakeries often send their employees here,' Winner says.

For busy people, there are cake decorations ready for purchase in a glass case: pansies, tiger lilies and narcissus made of sugar and butter. The other aisles are crammed with everything from Bundt pans and old rolling pins to candy moldings, hard-to-find edible gold leaf and rolled fondant Ñ virtually everything needed to make a one-of-a-kind cake.

But the Decorette's best-selling item: chocolate.

Some things never change.

ÑÊMichaela Bancud

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