Bottles from T.R. and Holly Hill's case of cabernet sauvignon have gone coast to coast.

Bottle 1: Gave it to their daughter to take back to Oregon State University in Corvallis after celebrating her 21st birthday.

Bottles 2 and 3: Went with them to their beach house in Rockaway Beach, where they drank one while painting the kitchen. The other remains at their beach house for later consumption at a beach fire.

Bottle 4: Took it to a friend's house in the West Hills for an evening of pizza and hot tubbing.

Bottle 5: Drank it at home while painting the living room.

Bottle 6: Sent it to Greensboro, N.C., with a friend.

Bottle 7: Drank it at home one lunchtime for a photo shoot with the Portland Tribune.

Bottles 8 and 9: Consumed the first bottle in their hotel room in Las Vegas as a 'pre-function' wine, before going out gambling and dancing. The second was consumed the next night, also in their Vegas hotel room, before a birthday party at the Aladdin Hotel and Casino for Jerome Bettis of the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bottle 10: Took it to a friend's house in Mountain Park, near Lake Oswego, for a Sunday afternoon barbecue.

Bottle 11: Had it at their friend Renee's apartment opposite the Northwest Glisan Street Trader Joe's, where they were first introduced to the wine.

Bottle 12: Lies aging in their wine rack waiting to be enjoyed in the not-too-distant future.

Ñ Joseph Gallivan

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