Lawbreakers do no justice to cause


After reading so many articles on the lawbreaking hooliganism of the antiwar crowd, in your paper and others, I have a suggestion (Protest arrests may clog courts, March 28).

Let us find a new word or phrase to label these troublemakers so that we can reserve the honorable term 'protesters' for those antiwar demonstrators who respect both the law and the rights of their fellow citizens and who do us all a service by stating their opinions proudly and peaceably.

Whatever name we come up with for these criminals masquerading as peace believers, it needs to be one that will go with such defining adjectives as 'whining,' 'cowardly,' 'arrogant' and 'uncivil.' 'Shortsighted' and 'stupid' should be added to that list, since their actions are also counterproductive and accomplish nothing except to bolster the ego of the perpetrators and to tarnish the very cause for which they claim to fight.

James Shand

Southwest Portland

'Antiwar' can also be 'for our troops'

It is important to differentiate 'supporting our U.S. troops' from supporting the actual war itself. Because so many people set these two issues on equal footing, it is crucial that a line of distinction be clearly drawn.

Supporting the war has political, social and economic dimensions; it is essentially a national concept. But supporting our U.S. troops involves only compassion for the men and women caught in the web of this war.

In short, to support the U.S. troops is like supporting a large extended family Ñ but the family is quite different from the nation.

And those who wish to blur the line between this war and the individual troops either do not understand all the many elements involved in war, or are so shortsighted that they cannot see the forest for the trees.

I support our troops entirely; I pray for their safety and good health daily. But I will never support the war.

It would be wonderful if people would think critically about the emotional bamboozle they are being sold by the media and these irritating local protesters Ñ supporting our U.S. troops does not go hand-in-hand with supporting a massacre.

Felicia Weatheroy-Sah


School board picks on poor

The Portland school board is guilty of flagrant discrimination in closing Meek Elementary School. They have removed a school whose patrons are largely from low-income families, with a high percentage of Hispanics and blacks. Two out of three of the students are on the free-lunch program.

Doesn't it strike you as odd that all of the schools in the more affluent west side were left open? Pity the children who have to live here.

Charlene Petrie

Northeast Portland