Diamond Dave Rogoway has been sending out 'Boycott France' e-mails with an alphabetical list of about 100 French companies and products we shouldn't patronize: Air France, of course. É Allegra allergy medicine, Bic razors É Christian Dior, Dom Perignon champagne, Evian water É Guess I can live with that. É Maybelline cosmetics É Motown Records É Motown Records??!! É Turns out the record label is now owned by the Paris-based conglomerate Vivendi UniversalÉ Next time I see Diamond Dave I'll have to ask him: Does this mean I can't listen to the fabulous Marvin Gaye singing his No. 1 R & B hit from 1971, 'What's Going On'? Surely, you know the song.

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Getting down to serious business: The big 7UP bottle atop the Portland Bottling Co. building on Northeast Sandy soon should be spinning again, reports Inside Portland, the lively new Internet newspaper ( É The huge bottle, which may, for lack of much competition, qualify as P-town's most distinctive monument, stopped revolving on Oct. 12, 1962, when it was damaged in the famous Columbus Day Storm. Repair costs were considered prohibitive. New owner Sam (Monarch Hotels) Allen vowed to get it moving again. É Blazer great Clyde Drexler will co-chair the Police Activities League auction this Saturday at the Multnomah Athletic Club. The theme is 'Wild Wild West,' says executive director Maura White, who promises to send along a photograph of Clyde the Glide in Western duds. To find out more, call 503-823-0250.

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More MAC news: P-town's most prestigious athletic club is planning to send one of its top-flight basketball teams to China for a series of exhibition games next month. É All in all, a fine gesture of international goodwill, I'm sure Ñ except that the team will be playing in the Guangdong province, which is, of course, one of the places where the mysterious virus SARS has hit hardest. É Asked whether the trip might risk exposing the club's young athletes Ñ and, come to think of it, the entire city of Portland Ñ to the disease, a club spokesman replied: 'I'm not worried.' É 'In olden times,' writes local book publisher Geoffrey Gass, 'if one had food left over at the end of a restaurant dinner, the waiter might ask if you wanted a doggie bag.' Nowadays, restaurants typically offer to put your leftovers in a polystyrene foam box. É 'Wanna box?' asks the waitress, in response to which, Gass swears, he has heard more than one customer say: 'What are you, some kind of Tonya Harding?' Or failing that: 'No, wanna wrestle?' É Stop it, you guys.

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By all rights, the marquee outside Skybox Pub & Grill, the neighborhood sports bar at 7981 S.E. Milwaukie Ave., should have been something about March Madness or Hoops Hysteria now playing on the 36-inch television sets inside. É Instead, the space is given over to a 19-year-old from Franklin High who enlisted in the Army Reserves to earn some money for art school. You'll recognize his name from the 6 o'clock news and last week's Trib:

Our Prayers Go

To Brandon S. Tobler

And Family

Inside, co-owner Rick Sanders shakes his head sadly as the screens show gifted athletes running up and down a basketball court, side by side with images of the war. 'Brandon's uncle comes in here, you know.' What else is there to say? É There are times when words just stick in your mouth.

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