Excerpts from a 'State of the Port' speech delivered by Bill Wyatt, executive director of the Port of Portland, to the City Club on March 28:

'We have adopted what I like to call the 'one service per tectonic plate strategy': One airline with nonstop service to Europe, one airline with nonstop service to Mexico and one airline with nonstop service to Asia. But our goal is more than just to get them here. Our goal is to keep them here.'

Ñ Wyatt, alluding to Portland's strategy for international passenger air service

'We must continue to invest in both road and rail infrastructure to keep cargo moving as we hope to do with money from this year's federal transportation reauthorization. But all of these strategies are more likely to succeed with a deeper channel.'

Ñ Wyatt, emphasizing the importance of deepening the Columbia River channel by 3 feet

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