What all peaceful protesters should know is what some violent protesters are all about (Protest arrests may clog courts, March 28). They are out, not against the war, but to stop the normal flow of people and to raise havoc among the sincere demonstrators and the police.

None of us mind peaceful protests: Get a permit, and protest peacefully. If you do not want to be stigmatized as a violent person, don't go, and protest instead by writing letters.

If you want to help our country, help it get back on its feet. How long has it been since you have taken a few hours to help our needy, poor, homeless, mentally ill, seniors or recovering addicts?

Be aware of all that goes on around you. Take care; do not be afraid. Feel wanted and part of

the free world.

Joanne C. Young


Patriotic message gets

lost in flag desecration

I saw Old Glory adorning some man's backside the other day. Shorts like his are commercially available, with the union covering the left butt cheek.

This same man undoubtedly would question the right of some outraged patriot marching in a demonstration to fly our flag inverted, indicating the deepest distress. This 'freedom-lover's' armchair patriotism is aptly symbolized by the Stars and Stripes flying over his unmentionables.

Lately, I have seen the flag desecrated in ways I find intolerable: tattered flags flying over car dealerships; flying from monolithic SUVs; soaked in a mud puddle on the rain-drenched highway.

Shame on you.

Senators and representatives are desecrating the flag (according to American Legion guidelines) by wearing flag ties, flag pins and flag sweaters. Dissent is crushed with a suffocating swath of red, white and blue.

Stop this nonsense.

Burning the U.S. flag or flying it upside down is disturbing in the extreme. But these are political statements and, therefore, show respect for the symbol of our democracy.

You, who wear your flag on your butt, what message are you sending?

Alexis Hamilton

Northeast Portland

A publicly owned PGE

might embarrass execs

Portland General Electric is a big elephant that refuses to budge from its privileged position (Sale of PGE could turn into a game of hot potato, March 21).

The real reason Chief Executive Officer Peggy Fowler is throwing up every obstacle to the proposed public takeover of PGE is fear. She's afraid that the virtues of a well-run public utility Ñ fairness, honesty, stability, concern for the public interest and an absence of executive profit skimming Ñ will make the ongoing machinations of her private monopoly look bad.

Douglas Ferguson

Lake Oswego

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