CBS viewers got a little more of an R-rated interview than they expected Monday night after Syracuse defeated Kansas for the NCAA basketball championship.

Sideline reporter Bonnie Bernstein cornered Kansas coach Roy Williams and tried to pin him down about that vacant head coaching job at North Carolina.

Williams didn't want any part of answering the question, and when the reporter asked it again, he responded with a naughty word, telling a live, nationwide audience that he 'didn't give a (bleep) about North Carolina.'

Gee, Coach, if you'd have said that last week, nobody would have been asking you about it after the game.

Seriously, though, I don't blame Bernstein for asking the question. And I don't blame Williams for being angry about her persistence.

But I do have a serious problem with Williams' use of the s-word on live television.

Hey, come on, Coach. You want those teams of yours to show poise on the floor at all times, so it would behoove you, in a leadership position, to have just a little of it, too. OK, you just lost a tough game. For the national title. Go ahead and blow off some steam. Get mad and put her in her place, if you want.

But keep the locker room talk in the locker room and off my kids' TV sets.

•ÊCan you believe Kansas made only 12 of 30 free throws in that game?

•ÊDavid Stern has given the WNBA players a deadline to get its house in order. The players in the league are without a collective bargaining agreement and want more dough. Problem is, the league is leaking money, and the NBA commission is in no mood to lose any more on women's basketball.

It isn't fair, but sorry, ladies Ñ Title IX is great for college sports, but in real life, you have to earn your way. And this pro sport isn't doing that.

•ÊIt must be very comforting to women hampered by glass ceilings and not getting equal pay for equal work that Martha Burk is standing up for the right of millionaire women to gain admission to Augusta National Golf Club.

I mean, once that club admits a female member, your life will surely change for the better, won't it? Won't it?

•ÊOpening day for the Beavers is here (7 tonight at PGE Park, versus Tucson).

Can you imagine the state of delirium this town would be in right now if it was opening day for the Portland Expos?

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