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City boards address citizen complaints


The City Council created the Independent Police Review Division and the Citizen Review Committee within the city auditor's office to help resolve citizen complaints against the Portland Police Bureau.

The IPR is a seven-member office in City Hall. The director is a former Los Angeles County district attorney, and the staff includes the former Police Internal Investigations Auditing Committee director and two former Portland police Internal Affairs Division investigators. It is responsible for: receiving all citizen complaints regarding allegations of misconduct involving members of the police that cannot be resolved by a bureau member or supervisor; monitoring internal affairs investigations of complaints against the police; coordinating appeals of internal affairs findings to the CRC; and working with the CRC to recommend policy changes to the City Council and chief of police.

The CRC is a nine-member citizen committee appointed by the mayor and city commissioners. It is responsible for: holding and participating in public meetings to ensure that community concerns with police services are publicly heard and addressed; hearing appeals of internal investigation findings; and working with the IPR to recommend policy changes to the City Council and chief of police.

The IPR and CRC cannot force the bureau to change the results of an internal affairs investigation. If the CRC accepts an investigation appeal and cannot agree on an appropriate outcome with the bureau, it can refer the case to the council.

Only the council has the authority to require the bureau to change the results of an investigation.

Ñ Jim Redden