New Columbia expected to be completed in 2006


Project size: 82 acres, the largest redevelopment site currently available within the Portland city limits.

Scope: Replacement of 462 existing public housing units with an 850-unit mixed-income, mixed-use complex.

Time: Five and a half years, from application for federal Hope VI revitalization grant in June 2001 to expected project completion in December 2006.

Cost: $150 million for demolition and reconstruction; project administration and relocation-support services for existing residents, to be paid for with government and private funds.

To accomplish the above, the housing authority has set the following timeline:

• March-September 2003: Move all of Columbia Villa's approximately 1,200 residents into other, taxpayer-supported housing elsewhere in Portland. The housing authority will find the new housing (or help its clients find it), pay all costs associated with moving and provide clients with all necessary supportive social services while they are living away from Columbia Villa.

• April 2003-March 2004: With public input, complete design of New Columbia's residential and commercial buildings.

• October 2003-March 2004: Raze the entire site.

• December 2003-fall 2005: Install new infrastructure, including streets that intersect with existing Portsmouth neighborhood streets at 11 points.

• April 2004-December 2006: Build a mixed-income, mixed-use development consisting of:

• 370 replacement public housing units;

• 190 new rental housing units, aimed at renters with annual household incomes of approximately $39,480 (based on 60 percent of Multnomah County's current median income for a family of four, which now is $65,800);

• 30 privately built single-family homes or other housing units, expected to be priced between $100,000 and $120,000;

• 200 privately built single-family homes or other housing units, expected to be priced between $160,000 and $175,000;

• A central 'main street' with a 60-unit, privately built independent living complex for the elderly; a 5,000-square-foot retail space; and a park, educational center and library.

• August 2005-December 2006: Rent, sell and occupy the site, including relocation of former Columbia Villa tenants who want to return.