Kevin Mannix for something, please


Sources deep within the state Republican Party say Kevin Mannix, who lost last time out in a run for governor, is positioning himself to run for secretary of state. Who knows, maybe he'll even get it. É If he doesn't, however, he will have earned the embarrassing distinction of having lost races for all three of the state's top offices. (He also got pounded when he ran for attorney general.) É If worst comes to worst, maybe they'll put up a plaque or something for him. É As one would-be dieter to another, may I recommend the chef's salad at Alessandro's, downtown at Southwest Third and Morrison. 'You really don't have to say it's the best chef's salad in town,' insists proprietor Ty Wells quite modestly. 'Just say it's the best at a restaurant owned by the grandson of a Supreme Court justice.' É For the record, Ty is the grandson of legendary U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, who used to cat around a bit in this town.

• • •

Urbane Bill Gallagher, news director at KPAM (860 AM), says he's seen it before in San Francisco, but it's his first time in P-town: people selling their bus transfer tickets. É One guy he saw on the transit mall wanted a buck for his transfer Ñ which would have resulted in a savings to the purchaser of 55 cents for an all-zone trip, less for one- or two-zone trips. É There's gotta be an easier way to make a living. É R-rated comic John Fox, currently headlining at Harvey's Comedy Club, says he's been on the road playing comedy gigs for 25 years now. So what's it like? É 'Not bad,' says Fox. 'I work an hour a day. Drink on the job, and the boss buys 'em. É Only problem is, I keep getting older and the waitresses don't.' Aw, poor guy.

• • •

Political insiders say it's not so much a question of whether Michael Mossman will become a federal judge Ñ eventually, they say, he'll sit down with the folks from Human Rights Oregon and convince them he's not antihomosexual Ñ as much as it is why his patron, Sen. Gordon Smith, has botched the whole affair so badly. É First, Smith nominates his best friend and personal lawyer, Ray Baum, for the judgeship. Then Baum gets axed in Washington because he's a legal lightweight. É Next, Smith nominates Mossman, whom he's just made U.S. attorney, without conducting a proper background check. É To make things even messier, both Baum and Mossman Ñ who, everyone agrees, is well-qualified Ñ are Mormons just like Smith. For appearances' sake, if nothing else, aren't there any non-Mormons in Oregon who might be able to do these jobs?

• • •

Wiser heads say the real reason Paul Allen has retained big-time sports consulting firm CS&L to examine his sports teams doesn't have anything to do with bringing the Blazers back to planet Earth. They say it's all about finding out how to save money by streamlining his sports organizations. É Myself, I'm still foolish enough to believe Allen's serious about wanting to fix what needs fixing Ñ because something sure is broke. É According to last week's Willamette Week, former auto mogul Scott Thomason has his Forest Park home on the market for $5.5 million. É 'Not so,' says Wilma Caplan, who, as P-town's grande dame of real estate, is of course handling the sale. 'Our asking price is only $5.25 million.' É See? The day's only half gone, and I already saved you a quarter of a mil.

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