'This is the ideal spot for us. I think it's marvelous. Crafts are more accepted here as an art form than in Britain. To keeps costs down I play around with the colors in PhotoShop and then just print them on a color printer at the copy shop. Most customers are tourists who want to spend $20 to $30.'

Ñ Christopher Johnson Bibby, 27, from Liverpool, who paints watercolors, mainly of Portland scenes. He and his wife, Sarah, share a booth where she sells jewelry. They have a studio in the market's Skidmore Fountain Building.

'There used to be a lot of tacky plywood stuff, but now they jury everything into the market, so it's a place to look for quality and new ideas.'

Ñ Ken Haack, a metal artist who sells at the Saturday Market

'We don't have this kind of thing in my city in Japan. It's like a small, great store. It's like the hippie era, like my dad and mom's age.'

Ñ Portland Community College student Masi Yoshikawa, 20, from Nagano, Japan, shopping recently with Yasuko Uesaka, 20, another PCC student who is from Yokohama, Japan

'We get a lot of requests from different cities every year on how to start a market like this, but very few succeed because it's really hard to get the initial core group together and stick with it for a year or two.'

Ñ Paul Verhoeven, Portland Saturday Market executive director

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