No corny Blazer jokes, please


'Remember back when the Blazers were fighting to get exclusive rights to 'Rip City'?' asks longtime reader Mugsy Dolan. 'Well, they've got it now. R.I.P. City.' É Very funny, Mugsy, but no more corny Blazer jokes, please. É Hot tip of the day: The Portland Business Alliance Ñ which has made no secret of its displeasure with the way things have been going down at City Hall Ñ is planning to pump about a half-million bucks into the next mayor's race. Only problem is, they can't come up with a worthy candidate. É Twelve-year-old chess whiz Cameron Low Green is back in class at Kellogg Middle School after a successful trip to the national junior high championships in Kissimmee, Fla. Cameron finished 15th out of 246 in his K-8 bracket. Got a big trophy, too. É And to think: He wouldn't have made it there without the help of generous Trib readers like you.

* * *

Greg Schillinger, owner of Paddy's Bar & Grill downtown at First and Yamhill, was ecstatic. On Sunday afternoon, not only was there a special meeting of the Portland chapter of the Buffalo Bills Backers in his place, but guess who was there? É Drew Bledsoe, that's who. The Buffalo Bills' Pro Bowl quarterback Ñ in case you didn't already know it Ñ now makes his off-season home in P-town. He and his wife, the former Maura Healy, who played soccer at Beaverton High, moved back this winter. É Greg, who grew up in Buffalo and is a co-founder of the local chapter of the Bills Backers, says Bledsoe was a 'perfect gentleman, so patient. He shook hands with everyone. He worked the tables like a politician.'

* * *

That mystery man from Miami, Andrew Sugar, apparently has seen the light. As of this Thursday, Vivid, his swanky restaurant that opened with such extravagance just last September, will become a swanky cocktail lounge called Fuel, at 1338 N.W. Hoyt in the Pearl. É Why do I get the idea that Sugar spends all of his time thinking up these names? His other two start-ups in town are Level and Lush. É Southeast neighborhood activist Gary Dye claims to have been the first person to toss a coin into the pool at the convention center's new rain garden last week. É 'As thousands of others will undoubtedly follow my example,' writes Dye, sounding extremely senatorial, 'let's hope Metro will have the good sense to scoop up the coins every now and then to help restore vital public services.' É Whatever happened to 'Three Coins in the Fountain'?

* * *

Three months ago, local comic Art Krug barely made it when his heart went crazy on him Ñ then stopped beating altogether. É At Good Sam, they kept him two weeks before sending him home in a wheelchair. Now the 47-year-old Krug is playing basketball at the Northeast Family YMCA Ñ with a pacemaker, no less. É Oughta be a Blazer joke in there somewhere. É Deb Hargin says she was crushed Ñ yes, crushed Ñ when Metro rejected her suggestion and named the new light-rail bridge across the Columbia the Vanport Bridge, after the community that was flooded out in 1948. É She wanted to call it the Bill Sizemore Memorial Bridge, after the once-prominent gubernatorial candidate and initiative petition signature collector who vowed it would be built over his dead body. That's cold.

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