It's not too late. I know, I know, the Sacramento Kings have been eliminated from the Western Conference playoffs (actually, they were eliminated the moment Chris Webber got hurt). So Geoff Petrie most certainly will be speaking with Paul Allen very soon.

But there's still time for you to apply for president or general manager of the Portland Trail Blazers. That's right Ñ you can be a big-shot basketball genius in real life, just like you are at the tavern and at work.

Well, at least you can apply to be.

One would think that Allen had been around the NBA long enough to have a pretty good idea who he would want running the pride and joy of his massive list of companies. And, really, I think he does. I think it's been Petrie all along.

That's why I think this whole 'nationwide search' business is quite possibly a smoke screen or, at best, a way of filling out a B-list of candidates should Allen not be able to reach agreement with Petrie.

A company in Ohio called TeamWork Consulting is in charge of the process, and it's kind of funny when you realize just how 'nationwide' the search really is.

Do you own a computer? Can you get access to one? Good, then you're well on your way.

Just go to, and with a couple of clicks the applications are right there in front of you. The GM job doesn't have a lot of information, just that the franchise 'seeks someone with previous and successful experience in basketball operations.'

Hmm É ever serve as team mother for the seventh-grade girls team? Or student manager for your high school team? I think that might qualify.

If you want the president's job, though, you're going to have to undergo a little tougher process. They're going to want you to address three questions:

'1. Provide evidence to your proven leadership in management Ñ what size teams have you led? What value have you added to an organization in the areas of fiscal management, human resources, sales & marketing, operations, etc.?

'2. Summarize your success using specific examples of creativity and execution in increasing revenues.

'3. Provide examples of how you have led an organization by capturing the attention, enthusiasm and commitment of the community or customer base to your team, service or product. What specific community relations programs have you helped lead, and what were the short- and long-term results?'

Did Bob Whitsitt make up that third question? And, yes, they really asked 'what size teams have you led?' I guess Don Nelson wouldn't qualify Ñ he's always had small teams.

Fill out the applications, folks, and good luck to you. Anything is possible Ñ this is the franchise that hired Isaiah Rider, Ruben Patterson and Shawn Kemp.

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