So many topics and so little time. Here are a few quick takes on the news of the day:

• Annika: Yes, she did better than a lot of people figured Ñ but let's get just a little bit of perspective, too. In some ways, all the back-patting about how well she did is kind of condescending, isn't it? I mean, she finished ahead of 11 men in a PGA Tour event. And not many people have bothered to point out that the Colonial isn't exactly the tournament where all of the best players convene.

As a matter of fact, none of the top five PGA money-winners were there, and only 11 of the top 25 were on hand. I think Annika Sorenstam knows exactly how well she did, though. I think she realizes that she's got nothing at all to gain from ever trying this stunt again.

It looked as if she was figuring it out on her second day, when she was staggering home, barely holding her game together. I think she knows she was very fortunate to do as well as she did.

Will her performance change the way that women's sports are perceived? No, not really. This was golf, not basketball or football or baseball. I think it's funny that a lot of people think this was a watershed event for women along the lines of Bobby Riggs vs. Billie Jean King. Well, I hope not. Riggs-King was a circus sideshow and a bad joke. Years later, people aren't even sure that the ultimate hustler, Riggs, didn't make a lot of money betting against himself.

The biggest impact of all this will be felt in Sorenstam's wallet. She's always been perceived as lacking in charisma and not much of a candidate for endorsement dough. But she'll make up for that now.

• Baseball: When I wrote last week that I thought baseball might be a little too wholesome for Oregon, I was referring to a politician's quote that he didn't want this state in the baseball business.

Oregon is already in the keno, video poker and football-betting business. It's in the liquor business. And it's also in the pro wrestling business because even though that 'sport' has been deregulated, the state will still tax it.

I'm thinking that politicians in Salem Ñ who were so quick to give the green light to Vince McMahon's tasteless, steroid-enhanced, PG-rated dramatics Ñ simply must prefer that tawdry sport to baseball.

• Blazers: Pretty funny to see Maurice Cheeks actually interviewing candidates for the team's general manager job. And no offense to Chris Wallace, who's a nice guy, but people around the NBA are having a good laugh about the Blazers interviewing him.

Is this team really serious about taking Bob Whitsitt out of the picture? There are still many people who believe he's just going to continue to operate the team by remote control from Seattle, out of sight of the sponsors and fans who despise him. Would Paul Allen dare do this? You bet he would.

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