'Tuesday's election outcomes dealing with public schools should serve as a directive for more work and commitment to our public schools. É

'We offer the following strategies to provide immediate and long-term solutions for Oregon's public education system.

• 'Continue the public and general dialogue about the value of public schooling. It isn't enough for this discussion to be among school supporters and critics. Quality, properly funded, effective public schools are a value for all Oregonians and businesses.

• 'Accelerate efforts to restart the state's economy by focusing on local, regional and statewide strategies and results. Many efforts are under way. Most are moving at less than warp speed, and Oregon's economy still is stumbling and unemployment increasing. Minus a stronger economy, the state's dependence upon income tax will mean even more budget reductions next year.

• 'Complete legislative and administrative reforms of PERS (the Public Employees Retirement System) by July 1, or we will mortgage many more public programs and educational services.

• 'Continue to employ spending oversight and reductions in school programs that don't have a direct focus on providing a balanced quality education for all students. É

• 'End the rhetoric about what will happen if this measure fails or that measure passes. Focus on what Oregonians value in education, what they will pay and go deliver on that. Such a focus could dial down overstated comments on both sides of an issue.

'Tuesday night it was tax-opponent Don McIntire's turn to talk too much and say too little. He suggested that passage of the Multnomah County income tax for schools would prompt a 'mass exodus' of residents and businesses from Multnomah County. 'Some will get out as fast as they can, and others are stuck.' '

Ñ From an editorial published in the May 22 edition of the Beaverton Valley Times

'Important public purposes sometimes warrant involuntary sacrifices. Taxes may be levied to build sewers or fire stations. Property may be taken by eminent domain for a railroad or tunnel. Government even has the power to force citizens to fight in an army during times of war.

'In Northwest Portland, the community and city are considering a comprehensive parking program that cannot happen without government action. It involves metering on-street parking throughout most of the district, rewriting city codes to allow large commercial parking structures in residential zones and raising millions of dollars to finance these garages.

'What vital societal need justifies these measures? Best I can tell, it's all about saving well-heeled recreational shoppers from having to walk more than two blocks.'

Ñ From a column in the May edition of the Northwest Examiner newspaper, opposing public parking facilities that have been proposed for Northwest Portland